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Savannah E. Profile Thumb

Savannah E.

6 days ago

Really nice people in the office, as well as, amenities. Quick to fix any problem, living here is going well. I can’t wait for my friends to be here soon in the fall.

Hey, Savannah! We are so glad that you love it here as much as we love having you here. Thank you for being such a great resident! We look forward to you being here all year!

Gabrielle B. Profile Thumb

Gabrielle B.

13 days ago

Since the virus they have been more than a perfect place to stay. Practicing social distancing while still making me feel at home. I appreciate them all.

Hello, Gabrielle! We are so happy that you feel safe with us here at GCV! We strive to be a home away from home for all our residents! Stay safe and healthy!

Brittany S. Profile Thumb

Brittany S.

17 days ago

Overall I have enjoyed living here. This is a nice safe place to love with great amenities. I’ve enjoyed how everything is included with the rent most of all!

Hello, Brittany! Thank you so much for the kind review. It is residents like you that make our job easy! We are so glad you enjoyed your time with us!

Kayla D. Profile Thumb

Kayla D.

1 month ago

Overall Gamecock Village is a great place to live with a great environment! Have had some roommate issues but the staff handled it well to get issues resolved.

Hey, Kayla! Thank you for the kind words! We are always happy to help with issues when they arise. Thank you for being a great resident!

Makayla B. Profile Thumb

Makayla B.

2 months ago

I just moved in, but everyone was so helpful and nice! My room is really nice and I can tell I'll enjoy living at GCV. I also like how the visitors have assigned parking unlike other places that I lived.

Hello Makayla, We truly appreciate the kind words, and we hope that you enjoy your stay at GCV!!

Alexis C. Profile Thumb

Alexis C.

2 months ago

The location is great such easy access to everything! The amenities are excellent! I love all the space and can’t wait for the pool to open!

Hello Alexis, Thank you for the kind words! Once the pool opens, we look forward to an awesome time!

beck*@*.com Profile Thumb


2 months ago

great place for college students! awesome amenities! close to everything! so much better than a dorm. love not sharing a bathroom. love that it is fully furnished!

Hello, We truly thank you for the kind words and look forward to an awesome living experience !

ELizabeth J. Profile Thumb

ELizabeth J.

3 months ago

I enjoy living at Gamecock village however it’s It’s been a little frustrating. My app didn’t work & I can’t pay my rent on my app through my bank account was rejected & my dryer doesn’t work & I don’t think my dish washer works & I’ve put work orders in and they said they can’t help & I can’t use in of the amenities because of corona. But other than that it’s clean & my need is met as far as having a roof over my head.

Hello Elizabeth, We truly apologize for all the inconveniences that you may have experienced. In regards to the Preiss App, if you are having troubles please call the office and we can assist you . In our system, it states that your dryer service request was completed. If this is not the case, please make sure to place in your service request and we will make sure this issue is resolved. Also we are not seeing any service request in regards to your dishwasher, but if you are experiencing any malfunctions please place your request. We truly apologize that all amenities are currently close, but the safety of our residents are our first priority with the severity of the global pandemic. If you would like to address any other issues please reach out to us via email or office phone. Once again, we truly apologize and we will make sure that all issues are resolved. -Thank You