Morgan Profile Thumb


2 days ago

I really enjoy living at Gamecock Village. Apartments are nice and clean. Location is safe and secure. Staff is friendly and very responsive.

Hello Morgan, we are so happy to hear that you have enjoyed your stay here at Gamecock Village. We truly appreciate your kind words!

Colby Profile Thumb


6 days ago

It's been a great place to live, the grounds are usually pretty clean and maintenance is always quick to fix a problem. It's definitely been a great time here so far.

Hello Colby, we are so happy you're enjoying your stay here at Gamecock Village! We truly appreciate your kinds words!

Kyva Profile Thumb


6 days ago

Gamecock is a decent place to with. The staff are kind most of the time and there is plenty of parking. The rooms are spacious and clean. There is plenty of space to walk you dogs as well.

Hi Kyva, thank you so much for your kind words! We truly appreciate your opinion here at Gamecock Village!

Adam Profile Thumb


7 days ago

Enjoyed my time here over the past year, the living accommodations are nice and the staff have always been super helpful whenever there is an issue, as well as the maintenance being punctual regarding any service issues.

Hello Adam, we are so happy to hear that you have enjoyed your stay here at Gamecock Village. We truly appreciate your kind words!

Walker Profile Thumb


7 days ago

My experience as a resident has been nothing less than exceptional. I have found great friends, learned how to manage finances, and support myself throughout the school years. I look forward to making further memories as a resident.

Hello Walker, we are so happy that you're enjoying your stay here at Gamecock Village! Thank you so much for being so kind!

Tammra Profile Thumb


7 days ago

This is my second year and everything has been well. Anything that needed to be fixed, staff and maintenance has done it efficiently and on time. I also enjoy the communication the staff keeps with their tenants.

Thank you Tammra, we truly appreciate your kind words! Here at Gamecock, we value your opinion! Thank you so much!

Ur Profile Thumb


7 days ago

I love the place! The staff has been amazing to me, they treat me like a family member, and so do I. Is a friendly environment and I love the amenities we have in the pool house!

Hello Ur, we truly appreciate your kind words and will continue to treat you like family, because that is what you are to us!

Abbigail Profile Thumb


10 days ago

They make changes to your apartment without letting you know before hand. I seem to always have over charges but I am always doing my hardest to save power and water. But besides that , yeah.

Hello Abbigail, here at Gamecock Village we do value and appreciate you expressing your concerns. Please be aware we would never add charges to your account, unless something in your apartment is being overused. For example, if your thermostat is being consistently changed, you would have extra charges added to your account. If you have any questions or concerns, please stop by our office, and we'd be more than happy to help you. Thank you and have a great day.