Taryn Profile Thumb


23 hours ago

Gamecock Village has been home to me for two years now and will be until I graduate! Derrick and the staff are all great and very welcoming. They go above and beyond to give every resident a good experience.

Amyia Profile Thumb


1 day ago

Perfect place to live for students! Great environment! Rooms are very Spacious and comfortable! I’ve been here going on 2 years and I absolutely love it!

JoAnna Profile Thumb


2 days ago

A very pleasant experience. Make sure you request service when needed. Maintenance will come and fix it asap. Watch out for the drivers in the parking lots.

Hello JoAnna, Thank you so much for your kind review. We truly appreciate it!

Logan Profile Thumb


3 days ago

Gamecock village has been a excellent place to live the past 6 months. I had stayed on campus for 3 years and I’m so thankful for the chance to be able to live here and make new friends.

Hi Logan, Thank you so much for you kind review! We hope you continue to enjoy your stay here.

Stefon Profile Thumb


3 days ago

The staff are friendly and helpful in general. The raise for the rent is not worth it for a shared space. The amentities are great on property as well as events. Unfortunately, not enough for me to want to pay the extra.

Hello Steon, We truly appreciate the honest review. Hopefully, we are able to accommodate you in the future!

Abbey Profile Thumb


4 days ago

I love the atmosphere and security of Gamecock Village. I am very happy here. The relationships I've made with the people that I have met will stay with me forever.

Abbey, we truly thank you for your awesome review!

Oiriz Profile Thumb


4 days ago

Everything is still great but at times cars are very loud at night or people screaming and you can here everything from outside but other than that everything else is great

Hello Oiriz, We truly thank you for the review. If there is anything you need please stop by our front office.

Alexandra Profile Thumb


4 days ago

Wonderful and caring place to live. Staff is caring and maintenance takes great care of the complex. Any issues or concerns are taken care of quickly and with great care.

Alexandra, Thank you so much for your kind review!